Registration conditions for 202-2021 (PDF final, French only)

Complete Registration documents for 2020-2021 (PDF file, mostly french, some english)

Printed registration documents can be printed, filled in and returned at the fencing hall at opening hours. Payment by check, cash or wire transfer are accepted.

september 4th, 2020: For administrative reasons, training slots on Mondays and Thursdays at 5 pm are cancelled. Training slots on Wednesdays were changed. This is already accounted for in the current registration documents.

Registration documents include:

  • The registration sheet (mandatory)
  • The uniform rental sheet with a deposit (200€ deposit for a complete uniform)
  • Payment in cash, check (1, 2 or 2 checks) or wire transfer
  • A medical certificate dated less than one year ago (valid for 3 years from the first registration), or a personal waiver (the second and third year of validity of the medical certificate: see registration file)

Online pre-registration form

Age group. On Wednesdays, age groups are extended by one year
Please select one or two training slots
Rue, numéro, bâtiment etc...
if applicable
name of caller if necessary
name of caller if necessary
name of caller if necessary
please indicate voucher number and amount
The membership fee will be sent to you after data verification

We will process the pre-registration as soon as possible. A confirmation of the membership fee will be sent to you. Final registration is subject to approval from the club and payment of the full registration fee.