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Restrictions Covid:

January 8th, 2021: Due to the sanitary crisis, fencing classes after 7:30pm are cancelled. Classes for children are taking place normally, with a change in the schedule of the class on Tuesday. Feel free to register (Contact US or email) to stay informed about the situation.

Fencing: a sport that promotes mobility skills, sharpness of mind, the sense of analysis and adaptation, self-awareness and respect for others, through the rules of the game. A sport that contributes to personal development, develops endurance through a playful and thoughtful practice.

The Amicale Edouard Petit (AEP) fencing club offers quality teaching, provided by a team of passionate fencing masters, focused on recreational fencing or competition, at the choice of each fencer.

We offer free trials:come and try fencing in a friendly and family-oriented atmosphere.

Coup Droit

Fencing for everyone at AEP:training slots for eveyone from 6 years of age, including adults, parents and grand-parents without age limit !

Available disciplines:

Foil (all categories) - occasional saber practice during trainings

Epee (teens, adults)