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Restrictions Covid:

August 22, 2021: The activities will resume on September 6th. You can also visit us at the Paris-16 Sports Forum at the Ranelagh gardens on September 11th. Warning: Due to the sanitary crisis, a valid "sanitary pass" will be required to enter the club for adults and from September 30th for 12 year old and older minors. Don't hesitate to register ("CONTACT US" tab CONTACT or email) to stay informed.

Fencing: a sport that promotes mobility skills, sharpness of mind, the sense of analysis and adaptation, self-awareness and respect for others, through the rules of the game. A sport that contributes to personal development, develops endurance through a playful and thoughtful practice.

The Amicale Edouard Petit (AEP) fencing club offers quality teaching, provided by a team of passionate fencing masters, focused on recreational fencing or competition, at the choice of each fencer.

We offer free trials:come and try fencing in a friendly and family-oriented atmosphere.

Coup Droit

Fencing for everyone at AEP:training slots for eveyone from 6 years of age, including adults, parents and grand-parents without age limit !

Available disciplines:

Foil (all categories) - occasional saber practice during trainings

Epee (teens, adults)